Cringy 13 year old stuff on my profile

2016-05-07 01:50:40 by ProjectXenome

Just look at my reviews, I'm going to have to live with those for the rest of my life. Damn...


2013-12-19 22:39:29 by ProjectXenome



I would like to say that i have some minecraft skins up for you guy to keep and that i would make skins time to time Enjoy:D and if you have a 3DS and like to friend me send me a message with your friend code. My friend code is 3265-5877-9923 and who ever wants to play minecraft with me has to wait.

Awesome minecraft skins and 3DS friend code!!!

Hello Newgrounds

2013-06-25 07:07:41 by ProjectXenome

Hello im ProjectXenome and im new to this website.